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Terms and Conditions


In these general terms and conditions, the contractor, BC Verhuizingen or “we” refers to the company BC Verhuizingen vof, located in Amsterdam.

Client refers to the client himself, as well as to any representatives of the client, the contact person appointed on behalf of the client, as well as the group for which the client requests or books the services. This designated person also bears responsibility for payment and has similar or related tasks, powers and responsibilities as the client.


  1. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the client has access to the lifting beam when lifting is required.
  2. Towing is always done at your own risk.
  3. All costs resulting from damage during towing will be borne by the Client. However, keep in mind that your contents are insured when using moving lifts.
  4. Unless our Full Service is used, the Client's contents must be packaged for transport.
  5. The client ensures that the contents of moving boxes are packed in such a way that individual items cannot damage each other. Drawers and doors should be secured, and fragile items should be adequately protected.
  6. The client ensures sufficient parking space for the moving vans and trailers. If you have reserved a parking space, it remains your responsibility to pay parking fees.
  7. Applying for an exemption is the responsibility of the Client, unless otherwise agreed with the Contractor. If no exemption has been requested, any associated costs will be borne by the Client.
  8. The Client, or the designated contact person, must have sufficient payment options to pay the full fee for the move. The Client also bears full responsibility for directing the movers if necessary.
  9. The presence of the Client during the entire move is required to ensure the safety of the goods. Items of extreme value must remain in the possession of the Client at all times.
  10. In the event of wind speeds of more than 60 km/hour or other dangerous weather conditions, the Contractor reserves the right to move the move to another date.
  11. All boxes must be securely closed, cabinet doors must be locked, and loose shelves must be removed to prevent damage during transit, except for Full-Service.
  12. Valuables such as jewelry and money must remain under the supervision of the Client at all times.
  13. The Client must report the disassembly and assembly of furniture in advance, and this is always at the Client's own risk.
  14. Deviations from these general terms and conditions are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing by the Contractor before the start of the move.
  15. The client is responsible for ensuring that there is access to the moving hook.
  16. The client ensures free passage for the entire contents that need to be moved at all addresses that the Contractor visits on behalf of the Client.
  17. Changes of address must be reported to the Contractor before the move via the application form or in writing. The price and time indications are not valid if the Contractor visits unknown addresses, and the Client accepts all financial consequences of this.
  18. Staircases, including landing, must be completely clear before the start of the move.
  19. To use the moving lift, window frames must be free and windows must be able to open completely. If this is not the case, the Client accepts liability for any damage to frames and/or windows.
  20. When using or ordering a moving lift, the Client agrees to placing the lift against the building. If the Client does not allow the Contractor to inspect the situation, the Contractor is not responsible for any damage to the building.
  21. Report in writing prior to the move if the Contractor needs to install or disassemble windows.
  22. Dismantling of windows and/or doors is always done at the Client's own risk.
  23. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse an assignment without stating reasons.
  24. Payment must be made immediately after the move by bank transfer or cash, unless otherwise agreed.
  25. Companies can pay by invoice in consultation with the Contractor, provided that the Contractor receives a Chamber of Commerce extract and copy of ID from the Client or authorized representative in advance.
  26. A minimum of 2 hours will be charged for each move. Outside Amsterdam, the return to the contractor's business location is considered
  27. If an item has an above-average value, such as valuable works of art, designer furniture or heirlooms, this must be reported in writing prior to the move. If this is not done, carriage of such items will automatically be at the Client's own risk and the Contractor accepts no liability.
  28. Sufficient manpower must be available during the move, including at least one professional mover.
  29. Heavy objects, such as jacuzzis, pianos and washing machines, must be moved professionally with sufficient manpower.
  30. The Contractor has the right to call in additional help if there is a shortage of manpower and/or materials. The costs of this are always borne by the Client.
  31. In the event of damage to an insured object as a result of a covered risk, the insurers' compensation will not exceed the repair or restoration costs of the damaged objects, as stated in the expert report. Any depreciation after repair or restoration is excluded from the insurance.
  32. If the insured items form a pair or a series, the value of each item is calculated by dividing the total value by the number of items in the pair or series.
  33. If legal proceedings are necessary to collect a claim, all costs of the legal proceedings will be borne by the Client. This includes bailiff costs, court fees, lawyer fees and other related costs.
  34. In the event of damage during the move, the Client must specify the damage in the presence of the movers and have this noted in writing. This damage must then be confirmed with a signature to be legally valid. Please note that liability expires after the movers' departure.
  35. Contents that are placed in the moving van, unloaded or lifted by someone other than an employee of the Contractor are not insured. The same applies to household contents that are not placed on or removed from the moving lift by an employee of the contractor.
  36. The use of the moving lift is charged for the duration of the job, with a minimum of 1 hour, unless the contractor explicitly states otherwise.
  37. The Contractor cannot be held liable for loss or theft of the Client's goods.
  38. Before legal action is taken, the debtor must receive at least one written demand for payment from the collection agency, unless there are urgent circumstances that require immediate legal action.
  39. The Client may under no circumstances apply debt settlement. The invoice must be paid at all times, regardless of whether damage has occurred. Any damage must be dealt with afterwards.
  40. Any damage during the move must be reported in writing to the Contractor in the presence of the movers. This notification must be received by the Contractor no later than 5 working days after the move. Working days are from Monday to Friday.
  41. This written damage report is separate from any damage discovered during the move. If the damage report is not received within the specified period, the Client must demonstrate that he was unable to comply earlier due to force majeure.
  42. If the Client has not reported his damage or complaint within the specified period, all his rights and claims with regard to what was reported or about which he could have complained within that period, as previously stated, lapse.
  43. The Contractor reserves the right to terminate the agreement without any compensation in the event of force majeure, strike, lock-downs, fire, war, mobilization, flood, other natural disasters and other causes of delay or external factors that make the move impossible, regardless of the wishes of the moving company.
  44. Both parties are obliged to maintain confidentiality of all confidential information they share in the context of the agreement. Information is considered confidential if this is indicated or arises from the nature of the information. Confidential information may only be used for the purpose for which it was provided.
  45. If the Contractor is obliged to disclose confidential information on the basis of a legal provision or judicial decision, the Contractor is not obliged to compensate damages and the Client has no right to terminate the agreement, insofar as this concerns the Contractor.
  46. Small items, such as lamps, pots, etc., must be packed in closed boxes in advance (except for Full-Service). If this is not the case, movers may refuse to move these items, or transport is at the Client's own risk.
  47. If one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions are void or invalid, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect. The parties will agree on new provisions to replace the void or invalid provisions, while retaining the purpose and scope of the original provision.
  48. Moving items heavier than 100 kg is always at the Client's own risk. The removal of such heavy furniture must be reported in writing to the Contractor before the start of the move and must be carried out with at least 3 movers.
  49. Electronic devices must be transported in their original packaging. If this is not the case, movers may refuse to move it, or the transport may be done at your own risk.
  50. Items made of natural stone must be reported in writing to the Contractor prior to the move, stating dimensions, weight and type of natural stone. If there has not been complete communication about the item in question, transport is at the Client's own risk. Natural stone items must always be transported in custom-made formwork.
  51. The Client is responsible for correctly securing and disconnecting the washing machine and dryer. If this does not happen, the Contractor is not liable for any damage to the equipment or the home, including any consequential damage.
  52. The price and time indication given by the Contractor is based on the information provided by the Client via the application form. By accepting the price and time indication, these General Terms and Conditions automatically come into effect, and this also serves as confirmation of the presence of an authorized person during the move.
  53. Additions and changes can only be requested in writing and must be confirmed in writing by the Contractor before the start of the move. If the moving situation or information deviates from what was provided, this does not form a basis for complaints or compensation. The bill must be paid in all cases.
  54. Mattresses (as well as all household contents, except for Full-Service removals) must be packed in advance if they are not allowed to become dirty. If this is not done, its transport is always carried out at your own risk.
  55. The Contractor is not liable for any damage resulting from errors in the software or other computer programs used by the Contractor, unless the Contractor can recover this damage from the supplier of the software or computer programs in question.
  56. The Client is not responsible for any plants that may hinder the move, such as high hedges or large trees. The Contractor does not prune such plants. If the plants hinder the move, the Contractor reserves the right to move the move and/or call in additional manpower/material. The costs of this are borne by the Client.
  57. If there is a large garden or gallery, the Client must inform the Contractor of this. If this causes a delay, the costs of the movers already present and/or any additional services/material required will be charged. The Client is responsible for any delay caused by information provided incorrectly by the previous/current/next Client.
  58. The Contractor reserves the right to change the planning in exceptional circumstances to ensure a smooth progress. The Contractor will inform the Client of changes before they take place.
  59. If the move takes place before 8am, after 10pm, on public holidays or after 12 working hours, the contractor reserves the right to charge an additional fee of up to 100% of the original cost.
  60. If the Client does not pay within the stated payment term, the Contractor will outsource the claim. All costs arising from this are borne by the Client and are calculated as follows.
  61. In the event of unforeseen circumstances as a result of which the rope and block, lift or other material cannot be placed or other services cannot be carried out, the Contractor may charge additional costs. Waiting times of the movers and materials already present will also be charged.
  62. Delays may occur due to delays in previous moves, traffic problems, bad weather and incorrect information from the previous/current/next Client. These circumstances do not constitute a basis
  63. If payment is not made on the day of the move, we reserve the right to charge 20% extra on top of the total invoice amount.
  64. If payment is refused, default interest and legal costs will be charged to you.
  65. Damage due to rust, oxidation, or water damage as a result of weather conditions or other external factors are not covered by our liability.
  66. The standard working method always includes 2 professional movers. If, at the express request of the Client, only 1 professional mover is present during a move, any damage suffered, caused by our employee or third parties, is not our liability.
  67. Cancellation of the move must be reported in writing at least 10 working days in advance and confirmed by telephone. Otherwise, 25% of the quotation amount will be charged. If canceled within 5 working days, this amounts to 50%, and if canceled within 2 working days, 100% of the total quotation amount.
  68. If the Client decides to move the move 5 working days before the start, we will charge relocation costs of € 150. However, this only applies to transfers. If the move is canceled after the move, 100% of the quotation amount remains due.
  69. In case of problems or complaints, we ask you not to enter into a discussion with the movers, but to contact our head office directly on 0620218371.
  70. Our movers are not authorized to make promises. All commitments can only be made by management at the office and are always confirmed in writing.
  71. Waiting times caused by incorrectly parked vehicles are not our responsibility, and the costs for waiting time are always borne by the Client.
  72. The exemption for damage amounts to €500 and is always charged to the Client.
  73. We are insured up to an amount of € 34,000, provided that the guidelines in these General Terms and Conditions and the guidelines of our insurer have been fully and correctly complied with by the Client as agreed prior to the move.
  74. The Client is responsible for protecting internal lifts, wall parts, floor parts, and all passageways through which furniture is moved, as well as wooden and stone floors.
  75. Damage to internal lifts, wall parts and floor parts is always the responsibility of the Client.
  76. Our movers have an obligation of best efforts towards the Client, not an obligation of results.
  77. We are not liable for damage caused by incorrect or incomplete information and/or defective materials provided by the Client, including moving boxes that are in poor condition.
  78. We exclude liability unless it can be proven that damage was caused by intent and/or gross negligence on our part.
  79. We accept no liability for consequential damage, lost profits, missed savings, or business stagnation of the Client.
  80. If it is necessary to appoint who will be present on behalf of the Client during the move, this person must bear full responsibility and make payment after completion.
  81. We accept no liability towards anyone other than the Client and are indemnified against financial claims from third parties.
  82. Our liability for material or bodily damage caused to or by the Client or his/her assistants is excluded.
  83. Damage to aquariums, animals, plants, paintings, stairwells and waterbeds is beyond our liability.
  84. A maximum of 20% of the load may be fragile material per vehicle. Mechanical, electrical and electronic faults without external causes are excluded from liability.
  85. Our movers are entitled to take breaks during the move without charging extra costs.
  86. The transport of pots of soil/plants, or items whose safety cannot be guaranteed, as determined by our movers, is at the Client's own risk.
  87. In case of late payment, penalty percentages may be applied according to the table shown below.
  88. All (dis)assembly work is carried out by our mover, unless stated otherwise. The costs for additional staff are €35 per hour excluding VAT.
  89. If (dis)assembly work has not been indicated in advance, any waiting times of the staff already present and/or rented material will be charged to the Client.
  90. Contents and/or furniture older than 10 years do not fall under our liability. The condition of the contents cannot be guaranteed after 10 years.
  91. If the contractor agrees to payment on invoice, the Client must provide the correct information for the invoice in a timely manner. We are not obliged to make changes to the invoice if this information is not provided on time.
  92. The Client is responsible for packaging the contents for transport and protecting them against scratch and impact damage. Sensitive parts of the contents must be protected prior to the move.
  93. The contractor is not liable for damage to freight or premises if the freight is not presented worthy of transport.